About Us

Sunhaus Ltd. is based in the beautiful county of Devon, host to the famous British Riviera, and was formed to specialise in the manufacture and sale of its huge garden parasols to both the domestic and commercial marketplaces. 

Its Managing Director, with over 40 years experience in the design and production of outdoor weather protection systems, drew on his knowledge to overcome the 2 basic problems associated with the operation and use of very large garden parasols – i.e. their vulnerability to wind, and the intrusion into the useable under-cover space caused by a centre pole. 

By clever design and engineering, both these problems have been overcome. The result is a unique side-action unit, vented for stability and easily operated via a gas piston, which is now recognised by customers around the world as the leader in its field

Common Questions

Question: Can I have a different colour on the fabric and/or frame?

There is a choice of over 120 colours, and by special request the frame can also be colour co-ordinated.

Question: Can I have a different size/shape?

We make to order to fit a customer’s requirements, upwards in half-metre increments from 3m x 2.5m obong, and 3m x 3m square.

Question: Can you also deliver abroad?

We can, and very often do export pack and arrange shipping to anywhere in the world.

Question: How easy is it to operate?

Very easy, aided by the superb counter-balance of the frame and the unique gas piston.

Question: How much is it?

That obviously depends on a number of factors, i.e. size, configuration, destination, etc. We are always happy to give a specific quotation against a specific requirement.

Question: What’s it like in a wind?

We can confidently say we know it to be more resilient than any other similar parasol on the market. It has been tested in up to windspeed of more than 40kph.


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