Sunstor Parasols

Uniquely supported from just one corner (NO CENTRE POLE), each unit will provide a huge unobstructed, weather-protected space, either 3 meters x 3 meters or 4 meters x 3 meters, and by “clustering” several units closely together it is possible to create even larger undercover areas.

Steadied by a moveable heavy-duty base (or permanently located by sinking in-ground sleeve) and vented by the tensioned top vent in the rot-proof, waterproof fabric of the canopy, the parasol’s revolutionary patented design ensures remarkable stability. The aluminium frame, powder-coated white, is corrosion free, counterbalanced for ease of operation, and incorporates the unique concept of a gas hydraulic ram to assist in raising the canopy.

Optional Extras Include:

  • A swivel-action to help Chase the shade or cover a spa bath
  • Under Canopy Heater
  • Under-canopy lights to add glamour to the evenings
  • A wide range of colours, trims, and finishes

Marketed and improved over the last 40 years, the parasol is now sold worldwide. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial use, with signwriting a specialty

The tensioned top vent ensures maximum stability in breezy conditions


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